Hello! I'm Gabriel Francisco Mandaji (aka, GFM) a software developer and hobbyist game developer.

I used to play around with RPG Maker and Flash (ActionScript 3 + Flixel), but nowadays, except for the occasional Python script (like this site), most of my projects are written in C. Reinventing the wheel is fun and great for learning!

For now, this page is mostly a portfolio with the game I've made. Eventually, I plan to also start to write blog posts directly here.

Current projects

JJAT 1.5

Enhanced version of JJAT. Play with a friend or control two characters at once on this action platformer.

Different from the original game, each character will have a distinct role. "Swordy" can attack enemies, is quicker and has double jump. "Gunny" is way less agile but has a teleport gun, which actually switch the character and the targeted entity.

Check JJAT 1.5's repository on Github.


My personal framework for making games. It's SDL2 based and has features to allow instanced drawing (i.e., it may handle thousands of sprites at 120 FPS) and easily rebindable controls. It's also integrated with my synthesizer, so songs are usually simple text files (which requires way less storage than sound files).

It's always being enhanced, and the next planned refactor should enable supporting older platforms (e.g., Mega Drive/Sega Genesis through GENDEV). I don't know when this new version will be started, though...

Check GFraMe's repository on Github.


Synthesizes MML-like songs into waveforms. It uses a custom language that was never properly documented...

An enhanced version has been started but is currently stopped. It will have proper documentation, use a fixed amount of memory and synthesize songs on runtime, allowing some effects to be applied to a song or to its tracks separately.

Check c_synth's repository on Github.